Amadou almost ran out of business after spilling oil all over the notebooks where he wrote his clients' debts. Convinced that a digital tool would be better suited to manage such sensitive information. We designed an app that could guarantee data back- up and conceived an anti-theft stand to market a sound POS.


Weebi POS is made locally in Dakar out of aluminium and 3D printer within which we insert a 7" 3G Android Tablet integrating the weebi app as well as many adds-on.

The app works offline and provides confidential back up. It so simple that some of our clients that only read Arabic master it. They use it to quicken clients registration, ease invoicing and print tickets.

The app is available on the Play Store. Several demos are available on our Youtube channel.



We celebrate the sales of our 10th solutions! 300 shops in Dakar saw the potential of our application and requested a trial demo. Our goal is to reach 5 000 shops in Senegal, thus solving a big pain points for shopkeepers and their customers. 

Weebi strives to become the leader in clients' credit management and keeps on innovating to adapt to local constraints. For more information on the innovative POS solutions we encourage you to read our benchmark study written in collaboration with Science Po Bordeaux.


We target a new market requiring resilience and adaptation skills to make a difference. Cheikh Sene our commercial director is a key asset in this sense. He built strong relationships in the markets of Sandaga and Pikine over the last 10 years. His field knowledge and bargaining skills are irreplaceable, promising new partnerships and commercial opportunities.


Kande Diaby

Data Scientist

Graduate from the Big Data Master of the African Institute of Mathematical Science, Kande a worked for two years as a data analyst for several agricultural programs, using machine learning to enhance crop yields. 


Pierre Gancel


Graduate from Science Po Global South Risk Management, Pierre worked as a Business Developer for several start-ups in Dakar such as Manobi, InTouch et VoLo Trust. He promotes weebi to local industries willing to lean more about their distribution channels.



Dadja Bassou

Mobile Dev

Computer Science graduate from Epitech in Dakar, Dadja has 5 years experience as an Android Dev. He is in charge of the app development and codes specific functions for our most important clients



To limit the risk of damages or thefts we designed a sound stand in aluminium made in Dakar that comes with the tablet. About the data, a confidential back-up is synced once the tablet is connected. We also encourage users to send a report at the end of the day. Following our test phase we identified three common mistakes in handling the application. We support our customers in order to avoid them and guide them until they master the app themselves and are able to solve issues such as:

  • I registered an invoice on the wrong client
  • I registered a deposit on the wrong client
  • I created a new account for an existing client


Weebi provides a live data analysis tool through the Weebi Bot allowing shopkeepers to better monitor business activity. We also conduct satisfaction surveys with customers to monitor trending products and improve the shopping experience.